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At CES, tech journalists talk to each other. We share our opinions on stories, give each other a heads up if there’s something particularly interesting on the show floor and we make incredibly geeky jokes in an attempt to solicit the largest groan from the other people in the area. One discussion I found interesting was about how many journalists felt let down by the tech on display this year. It’s not that the technologies aren’t impressive. It’s more about how big companies are involved in so many lines of business they have little opportunity to stretch beyond their already massive product lines.

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Every year, I both anticipate and dread the approach of CES. It’s a huge electronics show filled with industry analysts, press, vendors and an army of public relations representatives. This year, I expect to see several trends really take center stage: smart technology, mobile and ultra high resolution are bound to play an important role. But I also expect to see weird stuff. Like forks that help you lose weight.

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Yesterday, Penny Arcade launched a Kickstarter  called “Penny Arcade Sells Out.” The goal: to raise at least $250,000. What that $250,000 will buy: removal of the ad at the top of the Penny Arcade site. If you don’t know Penny Arcade, it started as a web comic drawn by Jerry Holkins and Mike Krahulik, and […]

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