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Meet Tweak, an extraterrestrial being whose luck went from bad to worse when he was kidnapped from his native planet as a zoological specimen, then sold to Cursed Earth slavers. He might not look out of place next to most terrestrial animals, but his species is about as alien as they come.

Despite his rather beastly appearance, Tweak’s species boast a technological advanced culture and limited psychic abilities. They live in vast subterranean cities and mine their food source directly from the planet’s crust — in the form of rocks and minerals. That’s where those powerful, oversized claws come into play: for crunching down granite and quartz into bite-size gravel.

How does Earth life match up to that? We certainly have “mineral-crunching” bacteria that love stone soup (hold the broth) as well as old Tweak here. But as far as creatures of comparable size go, he really has no equal.

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In 2012, Alex Garland and Pete Travis reintroduced moviegoers to Mega-City One, the sprawling city state from 2000 AD‘s long-running “Judge Dredd” comic book series. Prior to that, we only had the 1995 Stallone adaptation to go on — which, for all its flaws, at least delivered on the sets and FX. But just as the comic’s setting was a sci-fi product of late 1970s, Stallone’s Mega-City One was a post-”Blade Runner” vision of city living.

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