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In 1873, the empress of Japan made a radical beauty statement, appearing in public with white teeth…

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If this becomes a reality, all-electric vehicles (EVs) and hybrids stand to gain additional (or even unlimited?) driving range and a significant decrease in downtime for a battery recharge. As an added benefit, EV batteries could be much smaller in size (which means reduced weight, too) and far less expensive to replace when the time comes for a fresh start. Sounds good, right? But how do they do it?

According to a recent post at Green Car Congress, “Researchers at…

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For about $400, cosmetic dentists affix fake pointy teeth called yaeba, translated ‘double teeth,’ that creates an illusion of having crowded baby teeth, a.k.a. snaggleteeth. Fang-like teeth are considered cute and girlish in contemporary Japanese culture, and one of the dentists who first began performing the procedure also has pushed for its popularization by creating an all-girl, snaggletooth pop group TYB48, or Tseuke-Yaeba 48.

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On April 1, 2012, artists gathered in Tottori, Japan, to construct sand castles that look an awful lot like the city of London.

The sculptures are meant to honor the 2012 Summer Olympic Games; therefore they represent Great Britain’s greatest icons — from William Shakespeare and the Tower of London to the London taxi and the imperial guards. The sand art exhibit will be open to the public at the Tottori Sand Dunes on April 14, 2012 and will remain through January 2013.

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Well, you might say it’s the folks who live in these six countries: United States, Canada, Mexico, Singapore, Japan, South Korea, which are colored an alarming red on’s map of vacation deprivation.

According to Expedia’s study, in 2011, workplaces in the United States, South Korea and Japan gave out the fewest vacation days per year to employees.

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I attended the Atlanta Travel and Adventure Show over the weekend, where I listened to a couple of talks by Pauline Frommer, creator of Pauline Frommer Guidebooks, who was spilling over with delightful tips on how to travel free and cheap.

Here’s what’s free right now in travel:

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You take the Yayoi, you take the Jomon, you take em both and there you have, the Japanese. That’s what linguists recently confirmed as they sought to examine dialects in use in modern Japan to find a single common ancestor. The linguists instead found two.

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Have you looked at the moon lately? It’s fascinating. And, if a certain Japanese construction firm has its way, it could also become the answer to Earth’s burgeoning energy crisis. Look, I know it might sound like I made this one up, but it’s true:  The R&D group at Shimizu, one of Japan’s largest construction firms, […]

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Science can say with certainty what percentage of a tube must be filled with sand before friction the individual grains create enough friction with one another that they stop flowing like a liquid and act like a solid: 64 percent.

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Hey there, folks. A good friend of mine who lives in Tokyo recently sent me an email about Quakebook — something I hadn’t heard of previously. Turns out it’s a really awesome project that has broken the publishing mold in many ways and helped raised money for the Red Cross at the same time. If you haven’t heard about it, here’s the skinny…

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