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Holly and I both love James Bond! So does everyone else, judging by the opening box office of “Skyfall.” We recorded this before we saw it, but I’m typing up the show notes after having seen it, which is a little weird.

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Doing this podcast on literary landmarks was a labor of love.  I love to read and I love to travel so what could be better than combining the two? We had so many other writers that we had to leave out, that I thought I’d provide a list in case you’d like explore some other […]

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Hey there, keepers of the light. Hope everyone out there in the real world is living the dream. This week here at SYSK HQ, things have been pretty exciting. Some stuff we can’t talk about here, but we can talk about Mr. Josh Clark’s birthday! That’s right, old Joshers turned 34 this week. If I remember correctly 34 was a pretty good one for me. They all kind of run together after 30, to be honest. Anyway…

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In an earlier podcast Scott and Ben took a look at the iconic cars of the big screen, omitting the autos of one very important British superspy. Join the crew as they spend an episode looking back at the history of the James Bond cars in this episode.

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Yesterday, British Foreign Secretary David Miliband confirmed to the press a rather embarrassing fact: The wife of Sir John Sawers, the newly appointed head of Britain’s famed MI6 spy agency, had posted information about her husband and family on Facebook. The Daily Mail broke the story and now reports that MI6 could face an inquiry about the incident.

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