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I received an invitation this week to tag along with Georgia Tech lecturer Bill Leahy as he and his class visited the augmented reality and wearable electronics labs on campus. I got a chance to see some cool applications that students have built as class projects and general research and development. They showed off an augmented reality browser as well as several games, all on handheld devices like the iPad 2 and the HTC G2 Android phone. Needless to say, I was thrilled to be there.

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Last weekend, I flew out to Austin, Texas to hang out at South by Southwest (aka SXSW). I had a great guide help me out: Brian Brushwood, extreme magician and tech guru. One of the many things Brian had on his schedule was to cover the opening of a special Apple store in downtown Austin for the debut of the iPad 2. Austin has two Apple retail stores already but neither are close to the action at South by Southwest. Apple decided to convert some retail space into a temporary Apple store to cater to the hardcore SXSW base. It paid off.

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Marshall Brain already blogged about the announcement of the iPad 2. I kept up with the announcement by following Engadget and CNET — Apple didn’t livestream the event and my invitation to the event must have been lost in the mail. At any rate, the biggest surprise to me was that Steve Jobs himself took the stage. Jobs has been on medical leave for a few weeks now but he led the audience through yet another masterful display of marketing as he revealed the new iPad. So which predictions about the iPad 2 turned out to be right on the money and which were way off?

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Here’s is Apple’s official launch page: iPad 2 – “Two cameras for FaceTime and HD video recording. The dual-core A5 chip. The same 10-hour battery life. All in a thinner, lighter design. Now iPad is even more amazing. And even less like anything else.” More details and pricing: Apple Unveils Thinner, Faster iPad 2 Apple […]

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