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The news broke earlier this week: Researchers Alasdair Allan and Pete Warden discovered that the iPhone 4 and iPad 3G devices — essentially cellular devices running iOS 4 — have a secret file hidden away that tracks the devices location regularly. It appears that these devices determine location through pinging cell phone towers and triangulating the resulting position. Then the device records the estimated latitude and longitude with a timestamp in a file called consolidated.db. Allan and Warden hasten to add that, as far as they can tell, this information remains stored locally on your phone (though it will transfer to any computer you synchronize your device to).

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It’s been an exciting week at TechStuff headquarters. I returned from vacation to find we were out of prerecorded episodes. Fortunately, our producers and editors are aces at getting shows published so we never skipped a beat. Chris and I went into the studio like we do every week and they took care of the rest. My hat is off to our amazing team. Now, what did we talk about?

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In a companion piece to their episode on the iPhone 4, Jonathan and Chris tackle a related topic: the iOS 4, the mobile operating system that runs on the newest version of the iPhone and some other Apple devices.

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