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With Internet Service Providers (ISPs) in Canada and the United States planning to impose monthly bandwidth caps on us, and with extra fees being planned for people who exceed those caps (e.g. $1 per gigabyte), it brings up a great question – how much does it really cost to provide Internet access? We can get […]

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I’m teleworking today from one of my favorite places on Earth: My super-cozy bed. Or at least I WAS, until my Internet conked out and I had to head out in search of free WiFi. Well, not technically free I suppose since a meal is involved, but hey, a person has to eat. What a person doesn’t have to do (read: want to do) is place an order, crack open a laptop, and find out that connecting to WiFi costs additional dinero. Luckily, I found a place that fit the bill, but I’m not always so lucky. So, in the event of future outages, I thought it might be a good idea to scout out some additional options. Mellow Mushroom makes a good pizza, after all, but pizza isn’t something I like to make a habit of eating.

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If you’re trying to access the Internet in a very rural or remote place, satellite Internet is probably your best bet. In this episode, Marshall explains how satellite Internet works.

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This message from Eric Schmidt (CEO of Google) is very short and simple: A Note to Google Users on Net Neutrality Think about this: why are there only 200 or 300 TV channels available on your TV, and they cost $100 month, while there are millions of websites available on the Internet for free? That […]

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In general, most water, gas and electrical utilities all send representatives out to your home to see how much you’ve used, so that you can be billed correctly. Use more and you pay more. Use less, and, well, you get the picture. Broadband Internet isn’t like that, though. You pay a flat fee and you get all-you-can-eat information.

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