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After hearing of Charlayne Hunter and Hamilton Holmes’ suspension, faculty members at the University of Georgia fired back: 300 of them petitioned for the students’ return. A second order from federal judge William Bootle revoked the suspension, and by Jan. 16, Holmes and Hunter were back to class, this time better protected by the volunteers of the Faculty Night Patrol.

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The University of Georgia had stalled for nearly one and a half years before admitting its first African-American students, Charlayne Hunter and Hamilton Holmes. By the time federal judge William Bootle’s ruling allowing their admission arrived on Jan. 6, 1961, they were halfway through their sophomore years at other colleges. But after that, things moved quickly.

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Part one in a three-part series on the 50th anniversary of the University of Georgia’s desegregation.

Fifty years ago, Hamilton Holmes and Charlayne Hunter walked onto North Campus in Athens, Ga., to register for classes. After a lengthy legal battle, federal judge William Bootle had ruled on Jan. 6, 1961 that Holmes and Hunter were “fully qualified for immediate admission” to the University of Georgia, and “would already have been admitted had it not been for their race and color.”

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