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We recorded this episode just after returning from the Independence Day holiday. (Well, just after I returned – I took a little vacation time, and Holly held the fort. Blame all vacation brain on me.) If you were a fan of our previous podcast, PopStuff, this one may remind you a little of our episodes on the culture of coffee, chocolate and Thanksgiving dinner. We take a tour through the history of ice cream (and some of its frozen precursors) and talk a little about the place it’s taken in American culture.

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At the end of a long workday, cooking a dinner from scratch or even semi-scratch might seem like a herculean feat. There’s all that washing, chopping, boiling and sauteing involved, after all. But, as any Downton Abbey fan can attest, getting meals on the table used to be far more time- and labor-intensive, in part due to the quality that was expected without modern appliances…

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This podcast was partially inspired by Rachel and my love of coffee.  And Vienna is world-famous for its coffee houses, where intellectuals gathered in the days before home central heating, to discuss the ideas of the day (and still do).  While in the U.S., we tend to think of Viennese coffee as very specifically prepared […]

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Um, I really like ice cream.

Therefore, I give you the following ice cream travel advice: Go to an ice cream festival. At the Austin Ice Cream Festival on Aug. 13, 2011, you can participate in (or eat the results of) a homemade ice cream making contest. People actually bring in their own equipment to churn ice cream on the spot. Yum.

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All across the country, people are getting snow and lots of it. While this is a fairly common occurrence for our readers up north, our Southern readers aren’t as accustomed to this kind of winter weather. There are lots of ways to enjoy the snow — snowball fights, building snow forts, snowmen (and snowwomen), making snow angels and just appreciating the peace and calm of observing the beautiful clean white blanket it makes across our lawns. And there’s even a tasty way to enjoy the white stuff, too. You know the old saying about lemons and lemonade? Well the same holds true for snow — you can turn freshly fallen snow into ice cream.

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Picture this: You’re ready for ice cream, and you’re headed out to your favorite shop to pick some up. You even know what you want and can almost taste it as you open the door. And then you get to the counter, the server asks you what you want, you look down through the glass into the freezer and…your favorite flavor is out.

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Popsicles are also called “quiescently frozen confections” because of the way they’re frozen. Learn more about how flavored ice treats are made — and what distinguishes them from ice cream — in this episode.

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My co-blogger Cristen is in the midst of a two-part series on the perfect pasta, a topic that has been near and dear to my heart since I spent a college semester abroad in Italy. And after reading her entry on tomatoes, I immediately began to crave what I always crave after eating a good spaghetti sauce: gelato.

For those of you who have always wondered about the difference between gelato and ice cream, wonder no more.

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