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If this becomes a reality, all-electric vehicles (EVs) and hybrids stand to gain additional (or even unlimited?) driving range and a significant decrease in downtime for a battery recharge. As an added benefit, EV batteries could be much smaller in size (which means reduced weight, too) and far less expensive to replace when the time comes for a fresh start. Sounds good, right? But how do they do it?

According to a recent post at Green Car Congress, “Researchers at…

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And no, it’s not some anemic, wedge-shaped city car, either. For that hefty price tag you get the staggering performance of the 2014 McLaren P1 supercar. How fast is it? Well, it’s 0 to 100 km/h (62 mph) in “less than three seconds” fast. And that, along with a top speed of 350 km/h (218 mph), puts it in a very exclusive group of cars…

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Over the past week, Scott and I have taken a closer look at the new EPA car labels, which include some interesting (and, perhaps, confusing) metrics. If you check out the sample electric car label on the EPA’s site, you’ll notice a few new additions. The biggest number is the MPGe rating, and there are […]

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Consumers pay a premium for hybrid cars, so does it follow that the resale value is higher? In this episode, Scott and Ben discuss the factors that affect resale values — and why hybrids don’t tend to hold their value as well as regular cars.

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As excitement builds over evolving hybrid technology, Scott and Ben revisit the subject in a two-part “pros and cons” podcast. Tune in and learn about the pros of buying a hybrid, but don’t head to the dealership yet — the next episode is yet to come.

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