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If you were born a baby spider, things would have turned out much differently for you. You’d have been mostly brain, for example. Researchers have long suspected that tiny spiders — the young of which are routinely born deformed yet grow into normally proportioned adults — are born with very large brains. Now they know it, thanks to what I imagine is research that amounted to dissecting deformed spider babies carried out by arachnid specialists at the Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute, down Panama way.

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Over 3 million people have watched the following video. It takes data on population, lifespan and income (over 100,000 pieces of data that could have been quite boring) and presents them in an animated, narrated form that is fascinating: What is shows is how income and lifespan have changed across the world over the last […]

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You Asked:

Will there be enough food to feed people in 2050? — Garry, Bristol, United Kingdom

Marshall Brain Answers:

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Here is something that is completely unexpected. It turns out that both men and women can accurately judge the upper body strength of a man strictly by listening to his voice…

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A co-worker sent me this groovy little graphic that very simply points out some of the ways that humans and our animal friends are similar to each other. It’s definitely worth taking a look at, but here are some highlights:

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