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Before 2006, there wasn’t a widely accepted term for the West African tradition of forcibly flattening young girls’ budding breasts in the hopes of averting sexual advances and teen pregnancies. That year, the German non-governmental organization Association for International Cooperation (GTZ) made public the tradition of breast “ironing” common in parts of Cameroon, as well as as other African nations, including Nigeria, Togo, Republic of Guinea, Côte d’Ivoire and South Africa…

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Riddle me this: When is a person not a person? Or, more accurately, when is a person not a human being?

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In this episode Cristen and Molly continue their exploration of CARE, a nonprofit organization headquartered in Atlanta. Tune in to learn more the link between women’s rights and the alleviation of poverty.

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It looks a lot like the beneficent and subversive spirit of Hugo Chavez’s annual donation of 100 million gallons of heating oil to impoverished families in the United States for the last four year has spread to Venezuela’s neighbors. Some nations of Latin America are growing increasingly unified in their progressive drug policies recently, and it appears that the changes are, in part, a means of pulling down the pants of the common bully of the region, the United States.

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Born in the 12th century in a world where women had few rights and little power, Eleanor of Aquitaine was a woman ahead of her time. Learn more about Eleanor of Aquitaine’s rise to power in this podcast from

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When Clyde Barrow met Bonnie Parker in 1930 , they felt an instant, deep attraction. Learn how this couple went from love at first sight to a string of notorious bank robberies in this podcast from

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Chuck and I found out recently from a SYSK listener in China that our blog is banned there. It’s a weird honor, even if it is just because some Chinese bot picked up a series of words we strung together that happened to be flagged. I suspect it was Chuck’s post on coasteering.

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