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Back in September, a challenge was issued on Treehugger’s web site to create a 420 square foot living space that can do everything a space twice that big would normally do: Help Design, Build an Ultra-Low Footprint Apartment: The LifeEdited Project Specifically: One reason New Yorkers use less energy per capita is that they live […]

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Cross Laminated Timber panels (also known as CLT and X-LAM) are a relatively new building material. They have been used to build everything from houses to multi-story apartment buildings: The building is made from prefabricated cross-laminated timber (CLT) panels, made in Austria from sustainably harvested lumber. They are strong; Craig says they can go up […]

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Home construction is one of those things that really has not changed a whole lot for hundreds of years. For example, if you look at the houses in Colonial Williamsburg, they have pitched roofs with shingles, walls with siding or brick on the outside and plaster on the inside, wooden floors, casement windows and so […]

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Imagine a house that is 27 stories tall. And six of those stories are for the parking garage for 160 cars. Imagine a house that covers 37,000 square meters (nearly 400,000 square feet)(as big as 160 “normal houses” (2,500 square feet each) in the United States). It’s that big in part because it has a […]

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If you have a job, there seem to be three ways to look at today’s economy in the United States. One way is to ignore the millions of people who have become unemployed recently. Another way is to mock and belittle them all. The third is to learn about what is happening. Last week, for […]

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In the United States, the “log cabin” is a nostalgic favorite. The early settlers and pioneers often built log cabins, and Abraham Lincoln was raised in one.

People still build them today. In the following video, you see how a log cabin is built the “old fashioned way”, starting with trees felled in the forest…

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We may never see this type of housing in the developed world, but for the developing world this new type of housing would be a huge improvement over shacks of rusting metal and cardboard:

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If you take a look at the following article, it discusses a number of innovative designs in the realm of flat-pack furniture:

More Creative Furniture for Cramped Urban Living: 20 Pieces of Ingenious ‘Flat Pack’ Furniture

At the bottom it takes flat-pack to its logical extreme by showing a photo of a flat pack house. Which brings up the obvious question: Has anyone ever tried selling a flat pack house? In fact they have…

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