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In the 16th century, folks kept dogs around more for function rather than form, shepherding sheep, sniffing out game and warming up chilly laps. Also around that time, a certain breed of dog also found a role as the culinary workhorses of large kitchens. Enter the turnspit dog, bred with a long, stocky body and short legs (like fluffier Dachshunds) that kept upper class Elizabethan meats a-turning in the hearth.

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Will the bounty from the Bradley Manning WikiLeaks cables ever end? The New York Times has a pretty awesome article from Sunday about shadow pathways to the Internet that the U.S. government is funding and supporting. The concept is pretty sweet, though I don’t feel remotely that I understand it on any technical level.

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Get ready for a bombshell revelation, blog readers: I love hot dogs. You can quote me on that. If you serve me hot dogs, I will be your friend for life; bonus points if you offer up my favorite toppings, which are chili, mustard and lots of onions. Apparently I lived in Coney Island or Michigan in a previous life — I say that because chili, mustard and onions generally made up a Coney Island hot dog, though that Coney Island style was originally made in Michigan. And that’s a hot dog fun fact for you.

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Hot dogs were first created in Frankfurt, Germany. But what exactly are they made from? Check out this HowStuffWorks podcast to learn more about the mysterious ingredients of hot dogs.

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