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The idea of Freddy Krueger, the villain who kills you in your dreams, freaked me out when I was younger. Which is to say it also enthralled me.

The adult me, however, finds the science of sleep and paranormal experiences quite fascinating, so I was far more intrigued than terrified when I read that “A Nightmare on Elm Street” creator Wes Craven was inspired by actual news stories about nightmare-related deaths.

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By all that is holy! What is that green, dripping monstrosity emerging from the seaside muck? Hide the children! Fetch fire and pitchforks! Oh wait, it’s just a local decked out in the latest seaweed-based, skin-healthy fashions. Put down the weapons and let me explain.

According to Scotland’s STV website, Highland knitwear crafter Anna Skea has taken to incorporating seaweed in the wood pulp she uses to make fabric. Skea has specialized in creating fashionable coats, tunics, tangles and gloves from local materials for more than 30 years, but her use of seaweed introduces the potential for medicinal clothing items that actually treat rather than irritate afflicted skin. In fact, Skea herself suffers from psoriasis.

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Recent research from the University of Nottingham finds that “healthy tans” might not be such an oxymoron after all. That’s good news for fair-skinned folks like me who want some summertime tint without skin-damaging tanning beds or excessive sunbathing. A study conducted by Dr. Ian Stephen found that upping vegetable intake can improve color even better than by laying poolside.

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Here is a tear-jerker video that shows how bad malignant skin cancer can be, and what you can do to address the problem: The obvious question you will have after watching the video is, “how do I do a self-exam?” here is a nice guide to the process: See also: A Guide To Checking For […]

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Of course, we now know that smoking isn’t healthy for either gender and kills roughly 5 million people around the world every year.

But plenty of us still do it, and GOOD magazine illustrates why that is in slick infographic form. Moreover, women who get hooked typically have a tougher time kicking nicotine, and here are the big five reasons…

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The following video was posted on Tuesday and has since caused something of an uproar: The only problem is that this fake story has been floating around for more than a decade, as explained in this article: Breast Gazing Healthy Watching busty females may indeed be good for a man’s health and add years to […]

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According to this video, there are more than 10 million vegans in the United States: But is a vegan diet really good for the human body? According to this long discussion by a former vegan, it is not: A Vegan No More She points out a long list of problems that resulted from her vegan […]

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Last night, I started my Cosmopolitan exercise regimen, included in the “You, Even Better” section of the magazine. Because see, the “fun fearless female” in Cosmo’s tagline is never content to simply be herself. Instead she must, she must, she must increase her bust this July with a six-minute routine guaranteed to be “better than […]

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The new Food Pyramid has been trying to encourage people to eat more fruits and vegetables to be “healthier”. The only problem is that it doesn’t work very well, at least if “healthy” means “less cancer”: Five-a-day has little impact on cancer, study finds Eating more fruit and vegetables has only a modest effect on […]

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Yes, if the prospect of corpse-eating warbots wasn’t enough, Swiss engineers are keeping the dream of a horrifying and ghoulish robotic future alive with Virtobot, which will “not only study dead bodies virtually, but create a digital copy of the cadaver so that it might be studied years down the line.” What’s not to love?

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