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Before you dive headfirst into that New Year’s hangover, let’s explore exactly what’s going on inside your body when you wake to a splitting headache, a troubled gut and the realization that you’re wearing half a gorilla costume. Join Julie and I as we speak softly and lead you through the biological effects of alcohol consumption, the anatomy of the resulting hangover and tips to prevent or cure your accursed condition.

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A pair of studies recently featured in Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) journals are, I think, a bit creepy. First up is a study the findings of which are so intuitive I find it a tad nerve-wracking that the researchers managed to get the funding to conduct it, let alone get it published. […]

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People have been making and consuming alcohol for millenia – it is one of humankind’s earliest technologies. According to this article, “There is a perfectly respectable academic theory that civilization began with beer.” The next step was distillation, to concentrate the alcohol. See How Moonshine Works More recently, the idea of new delivery systems has […]

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Goodness gracious, people — what a week! Atlanta is heading toward a full fall swing, good news for those of us that love seasonal change. The rest of you with your toes in the sand don’t know what you’re missing. Nothing like a gray, cold and rainy day to make you doubt your very existence. Moving on…

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Right about now, nerds, hipsters, tech journalists, Internet celebrities and the Twitterati are stirring in their beds in hotels across Austin. They’ll be shaking off the hangovers and fuzzy memories generated from a night of partying after the first day of South by Southwest Interactive, or SXSWi. The conference is all about sharing ideas about the state of the Technology industry in general and the World Wide Web in particular.

So what are the big topics discussed so far? I thought the best way to find out would be to look at a few of the panel discussions held yesterday coupled with a sample of Twitter messages sent out by people attending the conference. And away we go!

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