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On June 21, 2013, Britain unveiled a new ‘blue plaque’ historical marker commemorating the block where Doreen Valiente resided before she died in 1999. The ceremony falling on the summer solstice was intentional and significant since Valiente is considered the “mother of modern witchcraft,” and the summer solstice coincides with the Wiccan celebration of Litha. […]

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If I had a dollar for every time I’ve seen a social media comment along the lines of “why are Halloween costumes for women so sexy??!” I’d have enough money to march over to my neighborhood Halloween superstore and buy a sexy French fries costume. For young women these days, the process of choosing a Halloween costume usually starts with the question of “to sexy, or not to sexy?” (or in my mind, “to be warm, or not to be warm on a chilly October night?”)…

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I’ll keep this short and sweet. You love Halloween. You love a little hip-hop in your life. So here are a handful of suitably seasonal rap videos. The first one, brought to my attention by DJ Food via Twitter, is a fantastic A-Z collection of movie monsters by Mister Jason. It’s a sweet jam and there’s a LOT of legitimate monster love in it.

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If you’re throwing a Halloween shindig this year, you know the anguish that comes with putting together a spectacular playlist. Is “Monster Mash” too lame? Is “Werewolf Bar Mitzvah” kosher with my converging friend groups? Decisions, decisions, decisions.

And of course all those decisions lead to decision fatigue. Think too long and hard over playlists and pizza topping early in the day and you’ll be hard pressed to make a call on the big stuff later on. Julie and I did a podcast episode on the topic and there’s a great New York Times article on the topic.

Save yourself some mental anguish and leave the Halloween tunes to a professional DJ.

Now let’ get funky.

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All the Halloween costumes are “sexy” now. We know: It’s not a new observation. But we’ve made some observations about the trend that we hope are new.

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It is done. Chuck and I have read and scored all one-hundred and four valid submissions for the Stuff You Should Know Horror Fiction Contest. (A few poor souls’ entries didn’t fall into the requirements and were disqualified for things like falling under the word count or submitting late, we’re sorry to report.) We have pored over the 300,000 to 400,000 words that amounted to about 600 pages and what has emerged is the sweet sixteen, the highest-rated submissions. We now submit these to you, our beloved listeners, to choose which one will be read for our annual Halloween show. We have entered the sinister phase two of our contest.

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Chuck and I think that it’s time that you, yes you, stopped dilly-dallying about becoming the type of person who submits horror fiction in national contests. Sure, it’s summer. Sure, the terror of Halloween is a long way off. Sure, you have sooo much to do. But there’s such a thing as good planning, and it’s time now for your prospicient side to collude with your dark, creative side and sit down and compose a horror short fiction story. That’s what Chuck and I think, at least.

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Halloween is Holly’s favorite holiday of the entire year, but she’s not so much into the scary movies. I, on the other hand, have a hard enough time really suspending disbelief that it’s rare when a movie really, truly frightens me. So, we decided to put our opposite-ends-of-the-spectrum heads together to come up with a list of movies (and some TV episodes, too) that really, truly scare us.

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In Stuff to Blow Your Mind’s recent episode Decision Fatigue: Death by 1,000 Choices, I mentioned that one way to cut down on the steady attrition of your decision-making faculties is to trust in a good DJ or mix podcast.

This Halloween, I recommend exactly this to save yourself the anguish of formulating your own paranormal party playlist or macabre mixtape. Because really people, the pros have got you covered on this one — and you won’t have to endure “Monster Mash” in a single one of them.

Oh yeah, and they’re all totally free.

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Victor Frankenstein’s tortured and brooding creation has become an avatar for scientific anxiety and horror. How far will we push and what are the existential ramifications? In this episode of Stuff to Blow Your Mind, Julie and I explore the neurological, magical, alchemical and mechanical roots of Frankenstein’s monster. You’ll learn all about golems, homunculi, automatons and the future of science-gone-wrong.

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