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After researching and recording our episodes on Loving v. Virginia the previous week, I was looking for a story that was a little narrower in scope. Something that wouldn’t be so weighty we’d want to split it into a second part. Something we could record without having to stop and compose ourselves. Somehow I wound up with the story of Princess Alexandra of Bavaria, who, in her young adulthood, came to believe that she’d swallowed a glass grand piano as a child, and that she had to move carefully or else it would break. (Past Stuff You Missed in History Class hosts also mention her in Mad King Ludwig Dines Alone.)

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When I walk into the room, this is what I see — visually alluring creations all filling me with glee. ZZZZZZZpppp. Sorry, I seem to have a serious LMFAO earworm going on this morning. So yeah, like a lot of people, I love a good gallery crawl. I especially loved them when I was a recent graduate with a very limited budget. Find out why after the jump.

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You Asked:

How is glass made? — Ishaq, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

Marshall Brain Answers…

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Glass blowing is one of those things that people have been doing for thousands of years. According to This page, the invention of glass blowing coincided with the start of the Roman empire around the first century BCE. , Today they still do it using many of the same techniques. These two videos give you […]

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You Asked: If you look at a piece of glass from an angle, why does it have a bluish or green tint? — Mariel, Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic Marshall Brain Answers: “Normal glass” has a little bit of iron oxide in it, and that iron is causing the greenish tint. You see it on the […]

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The transparency of materials has to do with their molecular state. Discover how silica and heat produce the transparent material we call glass in this episode of BrainStuff.

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