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But wait. Before you answer, I’d like to add a bit of a twist to that question, so stick with me to the end on this one.

Fuel injected engines and carbureted engines each have their own distinct sets of pros and cons. For instance, we could probably argue all day about the relative ease…

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A company called Transonic Combustion is claiming that their technology could double the efficiency (and therefore the gas mileage) of internal combustion engines without adding much to the cost of the engine. According to the web site: Our transformational fuel injection systems promise to radically shift the technology base of the automotive industry. Utilizing supercritical […]

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You asked: Is it important to warm up a car during the winter? — Abdullah, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia Marshall Brain Answered: With a fuel-injected car (which means “every car being manufactured today”), in a “normal” climate, there is no reason to warm up a car after starting it. The fuel injection system will compensate for […]

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