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It’s Friday, which means it’s time to take a step back and see what the Internets machine churned out this week. On tap: Dancing with the squids. Chromatophores bust a move. Did you get your flu shot? Bacteria, one step closer to world domination. Legendary pickpocket + military = strange bedfellows What a cluster#%*@ — […]

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You asked: Is it possible to blow your nose so hard your brain bursts? — Zack (via Facebook) Marshall Brain answers: Can you blow your nose so hard your brain bursts? Probably not. But why not? First, you have this muscle below your lungs called the diaphragm, and it really can’t create very much pressure. […]

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We have about 2 months left in cold and flu season. Will humanity ever cure these diseases? We might be getting close on flu: Flu breakthrough promises a vaccine to kill all strains The treatment – using a new technique and tested for the first time on humans infected with flu – targets a different […]

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Through the practice of biological warfare, human beings have used disease as a weapon for centuries. Yet many conspiracists believe the practice continues into the modern age. Why? Tune in and learn more about the possibilities of manmade disease.

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I had great plans for covering Dragon*Con this past weekend. Fan profiles! Image galleries! Write-ups of every panel I attended! Sadly, equipment failure and the lack of cheap-but-reliable WiFi sent my plans out the window. Dragon*Con is also a lot more crowded than it was when I covered it four years ago — and I just can’t be That Guy (or That Girl) who ties up traffic taking pictures and conducting interviews.

On top of that, my plans to do some write-ups yesterday were foiled by con crud, which I bring home with me every year in spite of fastidious preventive measures.

It could have been worse, though — I’m on the mend today. PAX, Penny Arcade’s annual game expo, also took place over Labor Day weekend. Yesterday, the official PAX Twitter account reported that tests had confirmed a case of H1N1 (swine) flu in an attendee.

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