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You probably dismiss Jason Voorhees as just another rampaging psychopath, one with an intense desire to murder nymphomaniac teens. And indeed, the subject’s propensity for pro-abstinence bludgeoning knows no bounds — but did you know the evolutionary advantage to his Modus operandi?

Like other North American Slashers of his species, Jason preys on copulating teens because the act of mating provides an irresistible target. But it’s not because the teens in question are naked, intertwined and preoccupied. Nope, it all comes down to the sound of their enthusiastic love making.

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We’ve got a pretty good handle on exactly how we categorize smells and file them in neural networks in the brain. Research has shown that later interaction with any particular smell can lead to its refinement as any faulty former information is replaced and original, correct information is reinforced by the electrochemical stimulation of these neural networks through the sensation of smell.

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