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In this episode of Stuff to Blow Your Mind, Julie and I introduce you to the amazing world of epigenetics and gene memory. Join us as we discuss Lamarckian Evolution, mice, rats and flat worms.

And then next week turn into the second episode in this two-part series, “Ghost in the Genetic Machine: Humans.” That’s when we’ll get into the ramifications for you, me and those we love.

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Epigenetics is a fascinating field of genetics that studies how the epigenome and environmental, nutritional and social factors affect gene expression. Josh and Chuck explain how epigenetics works in this episode.

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It seems pretty sensible that the Columbia University epidemiologists conducting a recent study on biological markers of Post-traumatic Stress Disorder would travel to Detroit to find their sample population. Again, to quickly find 100 participants suffering from PTSD for their study, researchers from New York went to Detroit.

After ferreting out the people who’d had experienced or witnessed a traumatic event, but didn’t meet the six criteria for a PTSD diagnosis, the Columbia researchers took blood samples from 23 people they determined had PTSD. What they found is another mark in favor of epigenetics, a subbranch of genetics that’s lending a lot of substantial credence to the nurture side of the nature vs. nurture debate.

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Explaining Intel’s Turbo Boost technology – “Intel promotes the Turbo Boost technology in its new Core i7 Mobile processors as a way to adapt to the needs of the software and get more performance from the chip, but this isn’t the real reason the technology exists…” Real or Fake? The World’s Longest Basketball Shot – […]

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