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Widely circulated U.S. Census data have revealed that the most common job for American women in 2010 was the same as it was in 1950.

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The fact that I even labeled this a “female” profession is a major indicator of how pigeonholed and stereotyped it has been, arguably for the duration of its existence. What, pray tell, is this most-stereotyped lady job? The secretary, or administrative assistant in today’s office parlance.

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You know the drill – Christmas is coming up, and retailers make most of their money in November and December leading up to Christmas, so retailers hire extra salespeople to meet the November/December crush of customers.

So, let’s say you are unemployed, and you would like to try to hook up with a holiday sales position in order to have any job. Or perhaps you are looking for a second job or part-time position to pay off some credit card debt. Now is the time to start looking for that November/December sales position. This article contains some fascinating facts about your upcoming job hunt…

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Everyone has heard of the Grammar Nazi. A Grammar Nazi is a person who has taken the rules of grammar deeply to heart, and who then uses those rules mercilessly when other people fail to obey. The following videos make the point, humorously but perhaps a little too strongly (contain blood): Grammar Nazis and Grammar […]

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Last week in an interview with Tony Robbins on SYSK, Robbins made this statement:

SYSK is Motivated to Speak with Tony Robbins

the biggest concern I have in our society today, and it’s a new occurrence and it’s happened just in the last few years. We’ve seen this incredible shift where for the first time in American history, at least in a hundred years of American history, human beings in America, and it’s not just in America, it’s Europe as well, but human beings are starting now to believe, as a majority of Americans, that the quality of their life and the quality of their children’s life in the future is gonna be worse than the past.

(BTW, his show if available on Hulu)

That thought got stuck in my head. And then it was repeated today in an article in the WSJ…

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Newsweek has a fascinating article this week discussing the problem with beauty:

The Beauty Advantage

Beauty, it appears, is skewing our perceptions of reality. For example, according to the article, managers are becoming so attached to people’s beauty that they are sometimes using beauty, instead of qualifications, as a reason for hiring…

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