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Online retailer is in negotiations with publishers to create a digital library service for customers of its Amazon Prime service, according to Stu Woo and Jeffrey A. Trachtenberg of The Wall Street Journal. The authors compared the service to the movie-rental and video-streaming service Netflix, where people would be able to access electronic books as part of the $79-per-year service that includes unlimited two-day shipping and streaming video.

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One of the supposed benefits of electronic books is that it’s supposed to make it possible for students and other people who need access to lots of books — such as doctors and lawyers — to carry around one device that has loads of texts in it. Voila, no more heavy backpacks!

By the way, I say “supposed” because e-books have taken a long time to catch on, and not because I think e-books are crummy. I’d like to have an electronic book reader myself, but it’s just not in the budget. Yet.

For students in California, “supposedly” may be over with before long. Michael B. Farrell’s article for ABC News explains Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger’s plan to use open-source textbooks for high schoolers next year. The idea is that it’d cut into the state’s $350 million educational book budget.

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Google likes books. This much we knew. Otherwise it wouldn’t be working so hard on its digitization project — and ruffling many feathers along with way with regard to copyright issues and questions of who controls the material. But Google’s moving from the already-published (and mostly out-of-print) to the not-yet-published.

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