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At face value, VAWA might seem like a no-brainer, bipartisan initiative to support, especially considering its background and stated intention. But nearly 20 years later, some conservative politicians and voters alike oppose reauthorization because they tend to disagree with the gendered nature of the legislation as well as its proposed $659 million price tag.

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In our episode on female astronauts, Molly and I perpetuated a myth during our listener mail segment. Say it ain’t so!

We read an email about the supposed etymology of the phrase “rule of thumb,” linking it to an old law about wife beating. As the myth goes, “rule of thumb” relates to a British law, allowing a husband to beat his wife with a stick, as long as it isn’t wider than the man’s thumb.

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Here’s a staggering statistic for you: one in four women in the United States experiences domestic violence at some point in her life. One in four!

It can be hard to extract yourself from an abusive relationship and begin to live again without fear. That difficulty is compounded if you bear the scars of your past. That’s why the work of people like Dr. Andrew Jacono is so important. Dr. Jacono provides free plastic surgery to women who have endured physical abuse, and his work is profiled on a new show called “Facing Trauma.”

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So, imagine that you are in a relationship with someone. It might be a romantic relationship, an employment relationship, a rental relationship, a neighborly relationship, etc. But the two of you have a falling out. In most cases, the two parties go their separate ways and that is the end of it. But sometimes, for […]

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