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In the 16th century, folks kept dogs around more for function rather than form, shepherding sheep, sniffing out game and warming up chilly laps. Also around that time, a certain breed of dog also found a role as the culinary workhorses of large kitchens. Enter the turnspit dog, bred with a long, stocky body and short legs (like fluffier Dachshunds) that kept upper class Elizabethan meats a-turning in the hearth.

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If you read my how to know when it’s time for a new pet post, then you know I lost my dog Sadie to cancer almost a year ago and that I was having difficulty trying to figure out when I’d be ready for a new pet. Well that time finally came, sort of, and we’ve got ourselves a new family member. After the jump, find out how to welcome home a new dog.

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Like most cartoon characters, the Simpsons all have four fingers (except for God, as listener Deming pointed out to us) while us humans have five. Why is that? Why five and not, say, six or two? In this episode of Stuff to Blow Your Mind, Julie and I turn our attention to our own fleshy keyboard paddles to ask why so many creatures evolved with a five-fingered discount.

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The world’s most expensive dog has been crowned – it’s price set at nearly £1million or $1.5 million according to this article: The million-pound mutt: Red Tibetan Mastiff becomes world’s most expensive dog A red Tibetan mastiff has become the priciest dog in the world after being sold for 10 million Chinese yuan, or £945,000. […]

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HSW’s founder Marshall Brain has a rundown of videos of the disaster that is Japan’s North Coast right now, showing how the 9.0-magnitude earthquake, ensuing tsunami and the potential nuclear meltdown are affecting humans.

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Dogs are awesome, as seen in this post, where a dog understands 1,000 English words. But has there ever been a dog this focused on freedom? Lots more stuff on dogs: – CPR works on dogs too, as seen in this amazing video – How does a dog drink water? – a dog’s body language […]

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We know that CPR works on people. It works on dogs too, and when it does it can be amazing: From the video description: Canyon Crest K9 Training Center owner, Ron Pace, saves the life of a boxer with CPR during a regular training session. During the session, the dog suddenly collapsed and stopped breathing. […]

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You Asked:

How do dog whistles work? — David, Pomonapark, Fla.

Marshall Brain Answers…

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Dogs can be very smart. My dog Trixie is not the brightest bulb in the chandelier, but even she has moments of temporary brilliance. If you take the time to really train a dog, the results can be spectacular. Like this: You look at that and may think, “that’s a total fluke”, but it’s not. […]

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Having long suspected it, I was heartened to hear that cats are less intelligent than dogs are. Yes. Ahhh. Bask in it.

Far less, actually, at least in relation to the correlation between brain size and sociability. This small brain size is, it appears, why cats are aloof, say researchers at Oxford University’s Institute of Cognitive and Evolutionary Anthropology, a group who are not known to be slouches when it comes to compiling reliable and solid data that dog people can reasonably gloat over.

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