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The Onion, fake news site extraordinaire and one of my favorite places on the entire Interwebs, celebrated Valentine’s Day with some hilarious headlines like, “Girlfriend Just Wants to Have Low-Key, Laid-Back Valentine’s Day Fight This Year” (don’t we all?!) and “Mother Considers Son ‘Quite the Little Casanova’” (don’t we all?! wait.). It even offered readers tips for spicing up this most special of non-holidays, such as “Greet him at the door wearing nothing but his dead wife’s clothes.”

But it was hard to get a kick out of that comedy gold after watching its lead Valentine’s Day video, “Devoted Abuser Stops By Girlfriend’s Office To Deliver Surprise Threat.”

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A few weeks ago, Cristen and I dedicated an episode of Stuff Mom Never Told You to the topic of dating violence. According to a report in Pediatric Nursing, one in three teenage girls report some level of dating violence, which includes everything from verbal and emotional abuse to physical abuse and rape.

Cristen and I focused our discussion specifically on teens because research indicates that younger people have a far harder time determining that they are being abused and they’re extremely likely to think that the abuse was justified, a reasonable response for something they may have done. Both of these views are likely the result of teens being in their first real relationship; not only do they want to preserve a first love, they also have fewer experiences of healthy relationships to serve as a model for what is normal.

But what if you’re on the outside of the relationship, and you see behavior between a couple that’s clearly not normal nor healthy? We asked our listeners for advice on this situation, and we received a ton of great advice.

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