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The definition of beauty has changed through the ages, but elements of what people think is attractive tend to hold true through generations and across cultures. Where do these standards come from, and why some of them seem to be innate – even in nonhumans?

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Imagine a half million corpses — mostly women — piled high on a pyre.

Imagine an age of social turmoil, spiritual crisis and technological revolution.

Imagine an age in which children as young as seven were executed for the crime of demonic copulation.

It’s difficult to put ourselves in the shoes of our 15th century predecessors. Witchcraft trials and witch persecutions have become a part of our shared mythology and history, but what truly went on during those centuries of brutal torture and death?

In this episode of Stuff to Blow Your Mind, Julie and I look at some compelling theories to why so many men, children and especially women suffered at the hands of superstitious religious persecution.

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According to Hindu faith, when Lord Krishna was a little boy, he looooooved butter. (And can you blame him?) Unfortunately for Krishna, buttermilk was stored in clay pots that were hung high above the ground — out of a little tike’s reach. So, Krishna did what any kid with an intense food craving would do: He gathered a group of friends to build a human pyramid, and via this pyramid, Krishna climbed to his beloved butter.

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Are you going around and around (and around) in your head about some run-down, played-out issue you should have beat long ago? Then get outta here. There’s some evidence that travel can — at least temporarily — stop that spinning.

A “transformative” travel experience is one in which you escape the structure and norms of your daily life to immerse yourself in the structure and norms of another life. Within this new-to-you social structure, your brain will likely flood with solutions that would have seemed like a square peg for a round hole within your home structure. You may find it easier to shed bad habits and try out new behaviors.

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Personal rapid transport combines the best traits of subways and taxis, and costs less to build than light rail. Could this be the future of transportation? Check out this HowStuffWorks podcast and learn more about personal rapid transport.

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