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In the 16th century, folks kept dogs around more for function rather than form, shepherding sheep, sniffing out game and warming up chilly laps. Also around that time, a certain breed of dog also found a role as the culinary workhorses of large kitchens. Enter the turnspit dog, bred with a long, stocky body and short legs (like fluffier Dachshunds) that kept upper class Elizabethan meats a-turning in the hearth.

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I was lured in by some pictures of bright yellow flower fields today and was surprised to find out that they’re canola fields — as in the canola oil you use to cook. Canola, which is farmed like crazy in North Dakota and Canada, has a lot going for it: It’s bright yellow blooms contrast quite nicely with a blue sky. It’s one of the healthiest oils out there — lower in saturated fat than olive, peanut and corn oil. And it’s a biodiesel feedstock.

Plus, it looks like it’s on fire.

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Last week, I attempted to make my first lasagna. No particular reason I’d never tried to scare up a lasagna from scratch before, it had just never really crossed my mind. I was short on kitchen staff during the majority of the process, but I did have some preflight assistance. Unfortunately, much of that helpful chopping went largely forgotten after the Great Noodle Screw-up of 2011 went down. More after the jump.

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As soon as you see “The William”, you realize that every stove you have ever seen is now obsolete. It is a complete reconceptualization of the conventional stove…

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In the process of learning about the Dukan Diet, I found out about something called Seitan (also known as wheat meat) that I had never heard of before. Seitan (pronounced say-tan) is a high-protein food made from wheat gluten. Gluten is the protein in wheat that allows bread to capture the carbon dioxide produced by […]

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Can you cook an egg in a paper frying pan over an open flame? The knee-jerk answer would be “no”, since everyone knows that paper bursts into flame over an open flame. But if you design the system right, you can turn a “no” into a “yes”, as shown here: This page lists the autoignition […]

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This recent post from The Kitchn reminded me that you can do more than decorate with spring flowers. You can also eat them.

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Last summer, I practically lived off of homegrown tomatoes for a couple weeks. My sister gave me a bag of heirloom, roma, and beef boy tomatoes from her garden, and I couldn’t devour them fast enough. Now that it’s winter and prime carb-laden comfort food season, I’m missing that seasonal produce – especially the flavorful pasta sauce I made from it.

Enter the canned tomato. For flavor, cooking with canned tomatoes handily beats the fresh off-season offerings. But in case you haven’t strolled down the canned veggie aisle recently, there are a variety of tomato options to choose from.

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Who exactly was the first person to realize that one could pluck an unfertilized egg from beneath a hen, crack it and spill its contents into a hot pan and eat it? What was the context where the event took place? It wouldn’t appear to be starvation, as one might imagine the person would have just eaten the chicken, unless of course it was a starving person with such tremendous foresight as to first test his curiosity before proceeding with the chicken slaughter.

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Earlier this month, Tokyo’s International Food Machinery and Technology Expo became a regular Robo Kitchen Stadium. Who will win? Okonomiyaki Robot or Chef Robot?

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