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In 2001, Dannon attempted the seemingly impossible: turn yogurt into a “man food.” Speaking to The New York Times about its new ad campaign clearly aimed at a male demographic then-marketing president Eric Leventhal said, “Yogurt is not just a woman thing.” And so its new manly commercials showed gritty construction workers….doing a choreographed dance while stirring their yogurt in time? Real tough stuff.

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This is just an amazing video that demonstrates how a food stylist (aka a food makeup artist) makes a fast food burger look so delicious in a commercial: It really is an OMG! kind of video because many of these techniques are completely dishonest. For example, the burger patty is still raw, but has been […]

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Are you cool enough to own a Mac? Apple has marketed the Macintosh computer as a hip, cool machine designed for stylish people who like to have fun. Just look at the dozens of “I’m a Mac/I’m a PC” ads that claim Mac computers are more fun, reliable and timely than their PC counterparts. Honestly, would you rather be Justin Long (the Mac) or John Hodgman (the PC)?

For years, Microsoft’s response was nonexistent — the company chose to ignore the attacks from Apple. Why shouldn’t it? PC computers dominate the market. More people and businesses use Windows than any other operating system. Microsoft chose to focus on other concerns.

Then things changed. Apple began to make some real progress in the PC market. There are still far more Windows machines than Mac machines in the wild, but the numbers began to shift. The Apple iPhone was a huge hit, and soon Apple began to attract a new generation of devotees.

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