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The Onion, fake news site extraordinaire and one of my favorite places on the entire Interwebs, celebrated Valentine’s Day with some hilarious headlines like, “Girlfriend Just Wants to Have Low-Key, Laid-Back Valentine’s Day Fight This Year” (don’t we all?!) and “Mother Considers Son ‘Quite the Little Casanova’” (don’t we all?! wait.). It even offered readers tips for spicing up this most special of non-holidays, such as “Greet him at the door wearing nothing but his dead wife’s clothes.”

But it was hard to get a kick out of that comedy gold after watching its lead Valentine’s Day video, “Devoted Abuser Stops By Girlfriend’s Office To Deliver Surprise Threat.”

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OK, that headline’s not true. Whether it’s funny is up for debate and varies depending on whether you already think men are funnier than women (and noticed that I, a woman, wrote it).

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Listening to streaming radio site Pandora just became a laughing matter. Today the company announced that it would begin streaming comedy, based on a newly created comedy genome. The New York Times’s Ben Sisario wrote that Pandora has 10,000 audio comedy tracks in its catalog from more than 700 comedians.

For the uninitiated, Pandora is a streaming radio Web site that gives the user some control over what he or she listens to. If you wanted to listen to Roy Clark, for example, you could start a station by seeding it with his name. The site will then populate the station with other similar artists.

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What could be funnier than some of the most powerful people in the world taking shots at each other, all in the name of comedy? Here is President Obama at the 2011 White House Correspondents’ Dinner: He was followed by Seth Meyers, of SNL fame: Seth Meyers [[[Jump to previous Funny...]]] If you would like […]

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So a basketball coach, a duck and a robot walk into a bar …

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The last time I had a satisfying, sustained belly laugh was Monday night, while sitting at my dining room table. Once I composed myself, I felt looser and more sociable, still faintly smiling. According to WebMd, there was also a lot of physiological activity going on while I was doubled over in stitches. At best, my circulation improved, immune response elevated and blood sugar levels lowered, along with muscle contractions burning up a few calories from dinner.

But what about the activity going on upstairs? If people laugh an average of 17.5 times a day, surely there’s some higher-order purpose behind the innate behavior.

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