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We’re not trying to glorify drunkenness here, but it’s New Year’s, which means, for a lot of people, it’s a time for drink. So after a little reminiscing about New Year’s Eves of the past, we look at the history and nomenclature of cocktails.

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I’ve been editing a TLC article on restaurants you should try before you die, and I’m really intrigued by this chef Grant Achatz, owner of Alinea in Chicago; he sketches dishes and cocktails on paper. For example, in this sketch (via GQ), an edible wall divides the cocktail in half; on one side, the beverage is cold and on the other it’s hot. Servers will instruct the patron to remove the wall, eat it, and then take a swig of the hot/cold cocktail — “which showcases the temperature contrast,” Achatz told GQ.

I mean, whoa.

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Vegetarians, I hope that what I’m about to say doesn’t offend, but I love bacon. It doesn’t feature in my daily diet, I’ll buy a pack every few months or so and indulge in all sorts of bacon-laden delights until the very last strip sizzles away sadly in the frying pan. I’ve even been known to nibble on bacon chocolate (oh yes, it exists) on a special occasion. So imagine my delight when I ran across a post on the Atlantic’s Mixmaster blog about bacon bourbon.

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I ran across an article in June 2009 edition of The Atlantic that opened my eyes to how the oft-ignored ice cubes can make or break a fabulous drink. The machine-generated pellets you’ll encounter behind most bars are often sub-par pairings because they’re porous and melt quickly. The chichi Chicago bar that the Atlantic writer visited offered eight different types of ice — chunk, shard, chipped, etc. — tailored for various spirits.

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