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I was walking around a used car lot earlier this week (one that’s filled with plenty of old Detroit iron, by the way) and I started thinking about all of the shiny chrome bumpers and hood ornaments on display in front of me. I had to wonder why chrome just simply isn’t a big part of automotive styling anymore. And no, a thin strip of chrome trim around the windows doesn’t count. I’m talking about full, edge-to-edge chrome bumpers on…

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Can we all agree that this matte black (flat black, satin black, murdered out — whatever you choose to call it) trend is over? I mean, way over — a long time ago. But even now, I probably still see at least 10 matte black cars on my way to and from the HowStuffWorks office…

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A couple of days ago, a story made the rounds that a company called AptiQuant had conducted a study that found a correlation between intelligence of Web surfers and their browser of choice. Respectable news sources like The Telegraph reported on the findings. According to the report, people who rely on Internet Explorer possess below-average intelligence. Those who use Chrome and Firefox are slightly more intelligent than average. The real eggheads use Camino, Opera or Internet Explorer with Chrome Frame. Numerous jokes, insults and flame wars soon followed the report. But there’s just one problem — the whole thing might be a sham.

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Thanks to my coworker Rebecca, I’ve just watched an interactive movie that leverages the power of HTML5 and pairs it with a song by the band Arcade Fire. It’s a clever application that partners prerecorded footage with images gathered from some Google applications. It also allows you to revisit your own past.

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Are you looking at stuff on the web that you don’t want other people to know about? Modern browsers give you a way to protect yourself from embarrassment or discovery. For example, Google’s Chrome browser offers “incognito mode” as described here…

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This video combines a bit of “Rube Goldberg” machinery with slow-motion photography to make a point in a funny way: See also: – How the Casio EX-F1 works – a nice gallery of slow motion videos taken with the EX-F1. – Super slow motion [[[Jump to previous Funny...]]]

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