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Join Robert and me as we time travel to the Ordovician period, some 488 million years ago. According to “Kraken” author Wendy Williams, “For a while the seas were deliciously warm and the planet seems to have been a kind of Garden of Eden, a time of nirvana that allowed life to flourish in many […]

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I have no idea how your Monday’s going, but I’m willing to be that it can benefit from some awesome scientific squid and octopi illustrations from the turn of the century. Skip on over to the BibliOdyssey blog for this post full of images from the 1898 German Deep-Sea Expedition. The crew of the steamship Valdivia hit the Atlantic, Indian and Great Southern oceans with a hull full of laboratory equipment and science tomes. Upon his return, Leipzig University zoologist Carl Chun published an illustrated multivolume work on their deep-sea findings titled “From the Depths of the World Sea.”

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