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So, Scott and I have this superstition: Whenever we say something like “oh, this show will be a short one,” we’ll inevitably end up making one of the longest podcasts in our show’s history.

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Over the past week, Scott and I have taken a closer look at the new EPA car labels, which include some interesting (and, perhaps, confusing) metrics. If you check out the sample electric car label on the EPA’s site, you’ll notice a few new additions. The biggest number is the MPGe rating, and there are […]

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The EPA estimates that one gallon of gasoline is equal to 33.7 kWh. But how did they get that number? At first glance, some folks might think this is a pretty intimidating question. But never fear. The conversion of gasoline energy to kWh is surprisingly simple.

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As every driver in colder regions of the world knows, a low temperature can make it harder to start your car — but why?

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Recently Scott and I republished a podcast on widely-ignored driving laws. We included the usual suspects — think seat-belts, speeding and so on — and we verged into some personal pet peeves.

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Hey gang, it’s time for our (semi)weekly listener mail blog. Our Facebook friend Liam recently asked us a fascinating question: Why not do a podcast on huge engines? It’s a great idea. Since we’re still on a hiatus, we decided to tackle a related question in this blog. So: What’s the world’s largest engine? Well, […]

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Most people take garbage trucks for granted, but without these vehicles — and the dedicated teams running them — modern cities would quickly deteriorate. Tune in as Scott and Ben take a look at the history and importance of refuse collectors.

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Cars have fueled the growth of the modern world, and they’ve also been responsible for an enormous amount of pollution. But how much air pollution is really due to cars? Scott and Ben give you the stats.

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You’ve probably heard of the Wienermobile (a vehicle shaped like a gigantic hot dog), and perhaps you’ve actually seen it on the road. But it’s not the only promotional vehicle. In this podcast, Scott and Ben look at promotional vehicles across the world.

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During the prohibition era, specialized smugglers arose from rural towns and valleys with only one goal: To move booze quickly and quietly to a thirsty public. Tune in to learn how bootleggers transformed their cars into high-powered smuggling machines.

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