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Riddle me this: When is a person not a person? Or, more accurately, when is a person not a human being?

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Could modern civilization really lose entire cities? Could we do so on purpose? It’s a wild idea, and a surprisingly persistent one.

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Who wouldn’t want to traverse the bounds of boring ol’ second-to-second linear time and live the nomadic life of a roaming chrononaut?

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In our recent series on Hugo Chávez, Matt and I covered the short-lived 2002 coup d’état and Chávez’s untimely passing.

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Recently Scott and I republished a podcast on widely-ignored driving laws. We included the usual suspects — think seat-belts, speeding and so on — and we verged into some personal pet peeves.

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Most people are well aware of humanity’s constant struggle against famine and food insecurity. According to the UN’s Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO), around 925 million people across the globe went hungry in 2010. The number is staggering, but it’s still down from over 1 billion in 2009.  To make this horrific number a little […]

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Have you looked at the moon lately? It’s fascinating. And, if a certain Japanese construction firm has its way, it could also become the answer to Earth’s burgeoning energy crisis. Look, I know it might sound like I made this one up, but it’s true:  The R&D group at Shimizu, one of Japan’s largest construction firms, […]

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Have you ever used Google to search for your own name? If you haven’t, I suggest you give it a try: The results may surprise you. Google probably knows more about you than you’d assume. And, although Google receives a hefty share of criticism for its policies regarding private information, it’s far from the only […]

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Let’s start with tigers. The World Wildlife Fund (commonly known as the ‘non-wrestling’ WWF) estimates that there may be as few as 3,200 tigers in the wild. Although the WWF has an ambitious plan to double the wild tiger population, things aren’t looking good for the largest member of the cat family. If humanity doesn’t make some drastic changes […]

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Have you ever tried to read Old English? It’s tough. To the untrained eye, even Middle English, the language of The Canterbury Tales, is markedly different from the language we use now. There’s no shortage of linguists and other experts studying the evolution of English from its roots to its present form(s), but many native speakers […]

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