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At the end of a long workday, cooking a dinner from scratch or even semi-scratch might seem like a herculean feat. There’s all that washing, chopping, boiling and sauteing involved, after all. But, as any Downton Abbey fan can attest, getting meals on the table used to be far more time- and labor-intensive, in part due to the quality that was expected without modern appliances…

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Spring, my second-favorite season, brings with it so many wonderful things — vivid colors, fragrant breezes and fresh flavors. If you’re lucky enough to have your own garden, you probably have a “taste of spring” that, well, springs instantly to mind and hopefully to your table, too. But even if you don’t have a backyard (or balcony) bounty, you can still enjoy all the flavors spring has to offer.

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And today I am reporting on my twenty first week (days 144 through 151) on the Dukan diet. This has been a really good week because I hit 177.6 pounds, meaning that I have lost a total of 50.0 pounds so far on the Dukan diet. Yay! I also reaffirmed the water-purging qualities of asparagus and came face-to-face with my nut addiction. Of course that same day I hit the 50.0 milestone I ate a pound of hamburger patties for dinner and my weight rose 0.4 pounds. So yesterday I weighed 177.6, and today I am at 178.0. Overall, I lost 2.0 pounds for the week and have lost 49.6 pounds since starting the Dukan diet. Here is how the week unfolded:

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Today I am reporting on my seventh week (days 46 through 53) on the Dukan Diet. This week I lost 2.6 pounds, for a total of 27.2 pounds since starting the Diet. Day-by-day this is what this week looked like:

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Today I am reporting on my sixth week (days 39 through 46) in the Dukan Diet Cruise Phase. This week I lost 1.8 pounds, for a total of 24.6 pounds since starting the Dukan Diet a month and a half ago. Day-by-day this is what this week looked like…

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I am now into my fourth week on the Dukan diet. At this point, the whole thing has become a habit. I am amazed that: a) I am never hungry, b) cravings are very easy to control, and c) that the weight loss is so consistent (none of the backsliding or “binge days” you might have experienced).

I also weaned myself off of asparagus this week. I was expecting to gain a lot of water weight. And I did gain some, but then it disappeared. Here is how Days 18 through 24 went:

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Here is what has happened so far: – About three weeks ago I wrote an article introducing the Dukan Diet, entitled How the Dukan Diet works – The French diet that is supposed to end the obesity epidemic. It sounded interesting so I decided to give it a try. – Two weeks ago I finished […]

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