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In this listener-mail inspired episode of TechStuff, Jonathan and Chris discuss the recently launched Apple iPad.

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It’s been quite the year for rumors about Apple. There were rumors that Steve Jobs would step down (he didn’t). There were rumors that the new iPod Touch would have a camera (it doesn’t). And then there are the rumors surrounding the mythical Apple tablet device.

Over at TechStuff, we’ve been chasing these rumors all year long. The most prolific source of information has been Apple’s supply chain. Most of what we know about this device comes from information gleaned from the companies that supply the tablet’s parts. But much of the tablet remains a mystery. We aren’t sure what kind of operating system it will use. We don’t even know how Apple will market it.

That may soon change. John Paczkowski of All Things Digital reports that, according to an industry analyst, Apple is seeking partnerships with book publishers for content distribution. This could put the tablet in the same general competitive space as the Kindle and Nook. Could the Tablet simply be an Apple-branded e-reader device?

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Hey there! Today I’m blogging from my secret lair (editor’s note: It’s his couch). It’s all part of my master plan to genetically engineer an enormous monster (editor’s note: He found a stray dog and is taking care of it). Soon, this creature will devour entire communities (editor’s note: the dog was suffering from starvation and dehydration and Jonathan is a complete pushover for animals in need). Quake in fear, puny mortals!

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In response to a listener’s e-mail, Jonathan and Chris wade through the conjecture, speculation and rumors surrounding the existence of the Apple Tablet in this episode of TechStuff, a podcast from

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Tech News Briefs

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Lots of stuff going on today, so here are some highlights:

Nintendo dropped the price of the Wii to $199 in the United States. John P. Falcone wrote in CNET’s Crave blog about the change, which comes hot on the heels of Sony’s cut in the Playstation 3’s price to $299, and a little farther back, Microsoft’s cut in the 120GB hard drive version of the Xbox 360. I’m guessing that will help push the three consoles through the holiday season, but I’m also thinking sales will remain slow, based on what I’ve heard.

Andrew Nusca wrote at ZDNet that Microsoft‘s acquisition of Danger has yielded two Sharp-manufactured phones, the Turtle and the Pure. These are part of the so-called Pink Project. The pictures look a little like Danger’s Sidekick devices. A few days ago, Mary Jo Foley at ZDNet said Pink Project phones will use a version of Windows Mobile 7 and will be able to use the Zune music store.

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I think I may need to write a generic blog post that I can run every month or so about the rumored Apple tablet. Looking back at the blog archives, I see that I’ve written posts in March, April and May relating to the long-rumored device. I’ll just include some sort of easily-replaceable timely statement that I can switch out each month and keep the rest the same. Let’s give it a shot.

So, how about that Sarah Palin stepping down as Alaska’s governor? How crazy is that?

Now that we have the obligatory timely remark out of the way, we can move on to more rumors. On Friday, Kasper Jade of AppleInsider published a story about the Apple tablet device. According to Jade, the new gadget will hit the consumer market in early 2010.

Rumors of the tablet began to surface a couple of years ago. Some compare the tablet to the Newton, Apple’s PDA that has a somewhat tarnished reputation. Others call it a larger version of the iPod Touch or a Wacom tablet combined with a modestly-powered computer. A few say that the tablet is Apple’s answer to the netbook craze.

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The Apple Worldwide Developer Conference (WWDC) begins Monday — because E3’s over, and what would we do without another trade show?

OK, jokes aside, lots of people are making predictions for the show, which as you might assume by its name is more for developers than it is for the consumer. Nonetheless, there are likely to be some announcements that appeal to you if you’re an Apple fan, especially if you’re wanting to hear about the newest version of the operating system for Macintosh computers and the iPhone/iPod Touch.

While news reports suggest that CEO Steve Jobs is feeling better these days (he’s been on medical leave since earlier this year and is supposed to return this month sometime), Seb Janacek at ZDNet believes Jobs won’t address the crowd at WWDC. He also said there won’t be a Mac tablet computer announced. However, Janacek said he does believe that Apple executives will discuss new features for Mac OS 10.6.

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