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Sometimes I work in a little Netflix Streaming over my morning coffee. It’s how I’m slowly watching Lars von Trier’s “Antichrist” in tolerable 5 minute intervals and how I somehow watch “Barbarella” once a month.

This morning, I chanced upon the influential 1970 documentary “Chariots of the Gods,” based on the 1968 book by Erich von Däniken. Naturally, ancient alien theories remain the domain of conspiracy theorists and new age wonkery, but the documentary is still thought-provoking in its own way — and wonderfully fossilized in the mire of its time.

So sit back and imagine a world where extraterrestrials visited our ancestors — complete with futuristic jazz, spacey synth, excessive Andean flute music and predictions that man will step foot on Mars before the year 2000. If you’re not a current user, it’s a good use of that free trial.

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For centuries, the achievements of the past baffled modern societies. How could ancient empires build architectural marvels like the pyramids or the Nazca lines? Tune in and learn more about the conspiracy theorists who think they’ve found the answer.

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