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Yesterday the U.S. Justice Department filed a suit to block telecommunications giant AT&T from acquiring T-Mobile USA based on concerns that the proposed deal would make the mobile telephone marketplace less competitive, according to Bloomberg’s Tom Schoenberg, Sara Forden and Jeff Bliss. CNET’s Don Reisinger quoted an AT&T spokesperson, Senior Executive Vice President and General Counsel Wayne Watts, who said that his company had worked with the Department of Justice to answer its questions and was surprised that the agency had filed suit.

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As I looked around the Web this morning, I happened to see a post Leslie Grandy wrote on Technorati about the possibility that Apple might choose to acquire DVD- and video-stream-rental company Netflix. She’s not citing a rumor from an in-the-know source, but she’s made some connections that seem to make some sense.

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If you read my post called “Is Palm on the block?” the answer was “yes.” Just a few minutes ago, I read an article by Erica Ogg that revealed that Palm’s winning suitor was Hewlett-Packard. The deal will work out to $5.70 per share of Palm stock — that’s $1.2 billion total.

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