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At CES, tech journalists talk to each other. We share our opinions on stories, give each other a heads up if there’s something particularly interesting on the show floor and we make incredibly geeky jokes in an attempt to solicit the largest groan from the other people in the area. One discussion I found interesting was about how many journalists felt let down by the tech on display this year. It’s not that the technologies aren’t impressive. It’s more about how big companies are involved in so many lines of business they have little opportunity to stretch beyond their already massive product lines.

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Some cities like Paris, Rome and Budapest are well-known for the catacombs carved beneath. Another city, Nottingham, home of Robin Hood, is less famous for its system of caves, though its been getting its due lately. There are about 500 man made caves beneath the town, dating back at least as far as the Medieval period.

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A friend of mine invited me to go see a movie with him this weekend. Sounds simple enough, doesn’t it? And in the past it was simple. It used to be that you went down to the theater and you watched the movie. In the movie “Back to the Future” you can see that world. […]

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3D TVs and 3D movies have made 3D technology something that people experience and talk about all the time. There’s even the 3D Nintendo 3DS coming in 2011. But this is not quite what people are looking for, apparently. What people seem to want is a moving 3D statue projected into the room. So if […]

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Movies aren’t the only thing going 3D. NVIDIA has been hyping its 3D gaming features in 2010. Its latest graphics card can now support multiple monitors in 3D – It is called 3D Vision Surround. You can see a demo of the three-screen rig at the end of this video…

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Last week Google bought a company called BumpTop: With Bumptop, Google Gains Multi-Touch Ammo BumpTop is best known for its 3D multi-touch user interface that is demonstrated in the following video: What this shows is the attempt to break the mold of the traditional desktop user interface that has been with us since the 1980s. […]

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This 3D visualization cube looks so natural that it is easy to miss how sophisticated it is: It is described here: pCubee – A Perspective-Corrected Handheld Cubic Display The sophistication is this: The display uses head-coupled perspective rendering and a real-time physics simulation engine to establish an interaction metaphor of having real objects inside a […]

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Two years ago laser TV appeared in the marketplace to compete with LCD and plasma screens, as described here: How Laser TVs work Now there are two new companies entering the field with innovative laser technology. The first is HDi, which has introduced a 100-inch 3D laser screen with a refresh rate of over 1,000 […]

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What if you combined the technology of an LCD screen with the technology of a digital camera? That is, what if you added light-sensing cells like those seen in a CMOS camera sensor to an LCD screen? You would have MIT’s bidirectional LCD screen that can see what is in front of it. Like this: […]

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‘Smart’ armor learns more with every bullet – “Smart armor being developed by scientists and engineers at U.S. Army Tank Automotive Research, Development and Engineering Center in Michigan can not only predict its own failure, but also identify the size of bullets shot at it and even generate electrical power upon impact…” 10 First Person […]

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