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Who will own the Arctic?
by Ben Bowlin | Aug 16, 2011
It's a sticky subject. For much of human history, the Arctic Ocean has been largely unnavigable: The polar ice cap posed enormous risks for any would-be sailors. Over the course of 1903 to 1906 Norwegian explorer Then two very important things happe[...] See more »
Obesity: The New Global Crisis
by Ben Bowlin | Aug 15, 2011
Most people are well aware of humanity's constant struggle against famine and food insecurity. According to the UN's Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO), But there's another side to the world's nutrition problem, and it grows more pronounced wit[...] See more »
Bill Gates Makes For A Pretty Decent Cartoon
by Ben Bowlin | Jul 22, 2011
You've probably already heard about the The foundation places an enormous importance on the use of Check out the excellent video below to learn more about Bill's stance on vaccination. This animation comes to us courtesy of See more »
Island Power: El Hierro and Renewable Energy
by Ben Bowlin | Jul 21, 2011
Often called "The Meridian Island," El Hierro is the smallest of the Canary Islands. It's a haven for diving enthusiasts, and it may soon become the first island powered entirely by renewable energy. At a first glance, this might not seem l[...] See more »
A Liter's Worth of Indoor Light
by Ben Bowlin | Jul 18, 2011
Isang Litrong Liwanag Here's the setup: The plastic water bottles are cleaned, filled with water and bleach, and tucked snugly into holes cut into a roof. When sunlight hits the bottle, the water refracts the light and provides about as much illumina[...] See more »
Can you make recycling popular?
by Ben Bowlin | Jul 5, 2011
Here's the thing about Let's look at the United States: According to the EPA, Americans generated about 243 million tons of trash in 2009. About 82 million tons were recycled or composted, adding up to a recycling rate of We're certainly making pro[...] See more »
How do we prepare students for the (un)forseeable future?
by Ben Bowlin | Jun 30, 2011
Education is one of society's most important long-term investments. Like so many other important issues, schooling can be an incredibly controversial topic. Pretty much everyone agrees that some sort of education is vital, but after that the consensu[...] See more »
Outsourcing Opportunity: How Samasource Wants to Change the World
by Ben Bowlin | Jun 23, 2011
Each year, the developed world According to This situation creates groups of educated, working-age adults without hope of worthwhile employment. While they may be able to eke out a living in the informal work sector, they probably won't be able to [...] See more »
Do you know how to build a spaceship?
by Ben Bowlin | Jun 19, 2011
If so, These organizations have numerous experts working with them on any number of endeavors, but they're asking for outside help tackling the next big question:  How can we create a spaceship (and a society) capable of surviving a 100-year-long jo[...] See more »
A Future Without AIDS
by Ben Bowlin | Jun 14, 2011
Between 1981 and 2005,  But there's good news -- possibly. According to the HIV Prevention Trials Network, a trial called Unfortunately, it's not a cure. But, after years of discouraging news, it is a huge step forward. Through preventing the spread[...] See more »
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