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Some News about PopStuff

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If you listen to Stuff You Missed in History Class, you’ve probably heard about the host changes happening there. It’s kind of a relay: Deblina Chakraborty has handed her baton to Holly, who joined Sarah Dowdey as cohost last week. And, starting with next week’s episodes, Sarah is handing off to me. Monday’s Stuff You Missed in History Class episode is the first one that will be cohosted by both Holly and me.

When Sarah announced her departure, we got a lot of questions about what this means for PopStuff. We haven’t really answered – the quirks of our production calendar collided with commitments on our personal calendars, and it’s only just now that we’re all in the office to hammer out the fiddly details. Now we have, and, sadly, it’s time to announce that the final two episodes of PopStuff will come out next week. We’ve already recorded them, and (I hope) they’ll give a fitting end to the show.

We are, of course, both sad about PopStuff coming to an end. It’s a podcast Holly and I created and launched, drawing from subjects we love and love to talk about (along with all kinds of listener suggestions). We’ve also been delighted and touched by our listeners, who have proved to be an excited, creative and loyal bunch. I think I will miss reading your stories as much as I will miss working on the show. I’ve never been so happy to hear about other people’s proms (or proposals or crazy family traditions or shoes or road trips). And I’ve been genuinely moved by the people who have written to us about listening to our show to cheer themselves up while traveling abroad, recovering from surgery or doing the chores they hate the most.

But we’re also excited about joining Stuff You Missed in History Class. It’s a great podcast with a long history in Internet years – the show is coming up on its fifth birthday. It’s also seen a number of hosts during that time, but Sarah has been a long-running linchpin. We know we have big shoes to fill, and we hope to fill them well.

When I joined the HowStuffWorks staff in 2005, I really couldn’t get over how lucky I was to have a job where every day I got to learn things and then write about what I learned. That’s also what it was like with PopStuff, diving into the research and scholarship surrounding pop culture every week. And now it’s history’s turn.

We don’t have any plans at the moment to shut up shop in terms of PopStuff’s Facebook, Twitter and email (popstuff at discovery dot com). We may not be the most prompt about answering, but we’ll definitely be reading.

Thank you to everyone who has listened to us and sent us tweets, letters and Facebook notes. And thanks to Sarah for helping us take the history helm. We’ll do everything we can to steer it well.


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