PopStuff Show Notes: Episode 76: Dealbreakers

by | Jun 14, 2012 10:04 AM ET

This episode started as a running joke. My dealbreakers are smoking, bigotry, not wearing a seat belt and [insert thing that someone is doing that annoys me here]. Dealbreakers have become enough of a social phenomenon that “30 Rock” has had a whole arc about them. So we have a whole episode.

  • My relationship dealbreakers: We just said. Holly's: Hating animals, tipping badly, having no sense of humor, requiring having children, clinging to old-fashioned gender roles and being a thrill-seeker.
  • Our definition of dealbreakers: A thing that, without regard to all the other things about the person, breaks the deal. Not so much the straw that broke the camel's back.
  • The inherent irrationality of many dealbreakers.
  • Eharmony's list of things people must have/can't stand.
  • The Match.com Singles in America study and its results on dealbreakers. (Fair warning: The one comment currently on the post with the results is kind of gross.)
  • Liz Lemon. We wish the Dealbreakers site was more robust.
  • Dealbreakers vs. the start of a conversation to make the relationship better.
  • An article I read about someone whose dealbreaker was the sound of forks hitting teeth, which I still can't find.
  • Forks hitting teeth and crunching on ice.
  • “Likes X” or “hates Y” from pop culture as a dealbreaker.
  • Things that break the deal in terms of the pop culture we consume.
  • Political dealbreakers (and our episode “Why are we friends?”)
  • I broke up with “Red Dead Redemption.”
  • A throwback to our episode “Did movies ruin love?
  • Listener mail! From Ame. Whose name I hope I pronounced correctly. It's about our wedding episode.
  • Episode link: Dealbreakers

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