PopStuff Show Notes: Episode 56: Swearing

by | Apr 5, 2012 11:15 AM ET

Holly and I are both a little foul-mouthed. For varying degrees of "little." And, in a burst of insight, we decided to talk about swearing for an entire podcast.

  • How bleeping affects people's perspectives on whether a show is entertaining
  • The awesomeness of the Count, censored, and Jimmy Kimmel swearing
  • The taboo sources of swearwords, which are themselves swear
  • Swearing at work
  • Various swearing anecdotes, some of which you can find the source of on YouTube
  • Swearing and nursing
  • Swearing and coaching
  • Benevolent sexism
  • When I was in the drum and bugle corps, and we had to do 10 push-ups for every letter in the swearword we said (if we got caught)
  • Various swearing contexts: in relationships, at inanimate objects, and whatnot
  • The incongruity of Betty White and Bob Saget
  • The Christian Bale meltdown audio
  • Swearing and video games
  • How much swearing is really on TV, even though we have the perception that it's not allowed
  • The varying versions of the Cee Lo Green song, and Naughty By Nature (though I think the group I was really thinking of was 2 Live Crew)
  • Standards and Practices
  • Things that sound like words but are not. Like sofa king.
  • Unintentionally sexual news graphics
  • Trends of permissiveness
  • Listener mail! From Bridget, who talked about how musicians travel with instruments, in response on our Release the Hounds episode

My research:

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Holly's research:

Episode link: Swearing

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