PopStuff Show Notes: Episode 21, Holiday Foods: Get Your Pumpkin On

by | Dec 5, 2011 07:22 PM ET

Mmmmmmmmmm. Pumpkin.

Holly and I are fans of food, and every season we've got something else to look forward to on the menu. When we recorded this episode, it was high pumpkin season, though the year has turned more toward  peppermint since then. This seasonality of (processed) food got us thinking: Which treats are available (and heavily marketed) only at certain times of the year? And why?

We didn't say this in the recording, but for the sake of total transparency, Holly and I did not receive any money from anybody for any discussion of any of these delicious things, and also our thoughts on all these things are solely our own.

On the menu:

Link to the episode: Holiday Foods: Get Your Pumpkin On

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