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PopStuff Show Notes: Episode 151: Mailbag!

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We’ve announced that PopStuff is, sadly, ending. So this week’s episodes are our attempt to give it a fitting finish. Today, it’s all about our listeners as we dive through the mailbag for some of the best messages we haven’t been able to read. We’ve gotten hundreds of e-mails, Facebook messages and tweets over the last year and a half, so this episode barely makes a dent. But here are some highlights.

  • From Caitlin, Meg, Sophie, David and Tiffany on The Parenthood Wars
  • Two random food e-mails from Heather and Alex
  • Kate writes about Pinterest
  • From Stephanie on How to Build a Southerner (with a digression about “Friday Night Lights”)
  • Sakura on gender segregation
  • Mark and Sherri on Disney Princesses (and Disney villainesses)
  • Síobhan on long-distance relationships, a future episode suggestion we are discussing now instead (I have now seen “Like Crazy.” It is indeed kind of depressing.)
  • Dena writes about an idea for a feminine hygiene episode, and we defer to Stuff Mom Never Told You’s A Delightful History of Menstrual Products (and the Bodyform Responds video)
  • Catherine on swearing
  • Tyler with a show idea on title sequences, which we talk about now instead
  • Jeremy on cocktails
  • Kam from the Philippines and thoughts on Filipino Thanksgiving after our Thanksgiving dinner episode (Kam has also since written to us to dispel some of the idea that Filipino food is all about Spam. She suspects Filipino chefs using lots of Spam have roots in Hawaii or other parts of the South Pacific.)
  • A shout-out to our superfan Maddie, our most prolific letter writer
  • Valerie on how TV has changed voting
  • Sam on single-use Lego, and here is the promised link: There Is No Single-use Lego
  • To close, from Whitney, on our episode “Should it be hard to be a geek?” and one of the running themes of this podcast: It’s awesome to like things.

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