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PopStuff Show Notes: Episode 146: Taking the Pressure Off Valentine’s Day

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Time for Valentine's Day! (iStockphoto.com/ThinkStock)

Time for Valentine’s Day! (iStockphoto.com/ThinkStock)

You’re probably not at all surprised to learn that Holly loves Valentine’s Day. After all, it is pink and sparkly. But even though it’s supposed to be about love and happiness, it’s a particularly contentious holiday. We talk about why (and some ways to make it less stressful).

  • Gift giving as an economic indicator
  • Our histories with the day
  • The many criticisms of Valentine’s Day, and other ways to look at it
  • Most gift giving in heterosexual relationships on Valentine’s Day: from men to women
  • Some other gender trends and trait trends in Valentine’s Day
  • Happiness and presents
  • Whether Valentine’s Day kills relationships
  • Valentine’s Day practices among different relationship configurations
  • Gifts for rites of passage vs. rights of progression
  • How many Valentine’s Day wedding proposals there are, versus  other holidays (I haven’t found a stat for that)
  • Star Wars Valentine’s Day
  • Listener mail! From Jordan about our wedding proposal episode
  • How Valentine’s Day Works

My research:

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Holly’s research:

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