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PopStuff Show Notes: Episode 142: The Parenthood Wars

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Not long ago, we got mail from listener Heather, who asked us whether it was “normal” not to want kids. It’s a subject Holly and I have alluded to in the podcast before, and we’re both intrigued (and bemused and sometimes annoyed) by the heaps of sanctimony and ire that comes from both main sides of the issue: the parents and the childfree. Which brings us today’s episode.

  • Some scene-setting, with Heather’s e-mail and Holly’s and my own experiences
  • This “conversation” being largely in the realm of women
  • Difficulties young women have in finding a doctor to perform tubal ligation
  • Permanent things people may regret later: tubal ligations, tattoos, and piercings – but the tattoo and piercing people don’t try to talk you out of it
  • Preferential parental treatment as a bad management problem
  • Maternity leave as a bone of contention
  • How much children cost ($9,000-$12,000 per year from birth to age 18)
  • Thoughts on societal pressure to have babies (or get married)
  • Expectations on motherhood
  • Data on how much time people spend with their children and have to themselves
  • Data on how acceptable it is to not have children
  • Data on how happy people are with and without children
  • Portrayals of TV characters who don’t want kids: Arizona Robbins on “Grey’s Anatomy,” Marshal Mary Shannon on “In Plain Sight,” Robyn on “How I Met Your Mother”
  • MORE listener mail! From Lisa, on our episode on why TV pregnancy is so stupid.
  • And a note from Kim about tests to determine how many years you have to make a baby (real, but not quite like on “New Girl.”)
  • Episode link: The Parenthood Wars

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Holly’s research:

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