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PopStuff Show Notes: Episode 141: Is Pinterest suffocating creativity?

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I haven’t really gotten into Pinterest, and in spite of my job and its connections to social media, I just haven’t really mustered up a lot of feeling on it. Holly, on the other hand, has lots of feelings (and thoughts) on the subject. So here we go.

  • Some data on what people are pinning, and in what categories, and how they’re commenting
  • Holly’s belief that everyone is creative
  • Some thoughts on Pinterest and creativity
  • An anecdote about a Myers-Briggs training we did in the office
  • Analysis paralysis
  • Sharing vs. getting in Pinterest use
  • People who used LiveJournal “for themselves”
  • A story of a creative project by me, with analogs in Pinterest
  • Holly’s worries of homogenization
  • My worries of information saturation
  • A call for people to please tell us about great creative projects that have come from Pinterest
  • Your LL Bean Boyfriend
  • Pinterest: Consuming and liking stuff
  • How Pinterest Works
  • Listener mail! From Rebecca, about Americans’ perceptions of Canadians

My research:

  • Carpenter, Craig C. “Copyright Infringement and the Second Generation of Social Media: Why Pinterest Users Should Be Protected from Copyright Infringement by the Fair Use Defense.” Journal of Internet Law. Jan. 2013
  • Does copying kill creativity?
  • Engauge. “Pinterest: A Review of Social Media’s Newest Sweetheart.”
  • Hall, Catherine. “Social Curation on the Website Pinterest.com.” Asist 2012
  • The Art Therapy of Pinterest

Holly’s research:

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